Fujinon 14x40 TS1440 Techno-Stabi Image Stabilized Binocular

Fujinon 14x40 TS1440 Techno-Stabi Image Stabilized Binocular
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Product ID : TS 1440
Manufacturer: Fujinon
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The relationship between high power and jittery images.
When you're standing still, on dry ground, holding a conventional 7 or 8 power binocular, studying a stationary object, it's fairly easy to enjoy a big, steady image. But as binocular magnification increases, the image area shrinks and things as minor as the pulse in your hands are transformed into jumpy, jittery images. Using high power binoculars - 10,12 or even 14 X - literally magnifies the problem with dizzying and fatiguing effects. Tripods can help. Some image stabilizing binoculars help overcome the high power "jitters."
Unfortunately, that is just about all they do...and then, only as long as you're standing still. On dry ground.
When the target moves, when both you and the target are moving and you're in a speding boat and getting splashed with salt water, you need the TECHNO-STABI it's the worlds only high power image stabilizing binocular that is 100% waterproof.
And it works well if you are on a sailboat, power cruiser or sport fisherman, large commercial vessel, plane, car, helicopter, truck, train or RV. Only the TECHNO-STABI helps you deal with individual and compound external forces: cyclical and irregular motion, vibration, bumps, sea or air turbulence, tides and currents, winds, acceleration, deceleration, turns, changes in altitude and attitude, wind shifts, road conditions, and anything else that can make binocular use near impossible.
TECHNO-STABI - the next generation image stabilizing binocular.
Like the world's first internally stabilized binocular, Fujinon's STABISCOPE, the TECHNO-STABI utilizes a gimballed frame with erecting prisms, but replaces a single, heavy, costly and power-hungry high speed gyro motor with two advanced, direct drive motors (like those found in CD players and disk drives). With no waiting period for the gyro to get "up to speed," image stability is virtually instant and constant.
Each direct drive motor responds to its own piezo-vibration sensor and gyro position sensor, - one set of sensors for horizontal motion (AZIMUTH) and one for the vertical (ELEVATION). As the sensors detect any vibration or motion, the CPU processes the incoming signals and initiates the direct drive motor response required to make the necessary corrections. The result is smooth and seamless, allowing rapid scanning both horizontally and vertically, without lags. And the individual direct drive motors, operating only when needed, deliver greater operating efficiency, reduced power consumption, and longer operating life.
Speaking of power, if you happen to have the TECHNO-STABI Powered up , but do not use it for one minute, it shuts itself off automatically.
Compared with the average 7 or 8 power binocular, the 14 x 40 TECHNO-STABI is twice as powerful. That means you can spot and track subjects that are at least twice as far from you. Even farther because the images you see are so much sharper and steadier. You can observe longer because fatigue and eye strain are reduced.
The same high 14X magnification means you can study subjects close-up, the kind of observations you'ld expect from high power, mounted scopes. You see more, you see farther, in greater detail-you can scan and pan to find and follow moving objects.
And you can do it all in practically any environment. And unlike so-called image stabilizing binoculars that only compensate for hand tremors - and can't go near the water - you can use the TECHNO-STABI anywhere.

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